SOPA Studios
Work Studios
Our primary building -- a mixed use studio  -- accommodates
artists working in a range of media, including painting,
sculpture and photography.

A separate building houses printmaking studios, as well as a
black & white darkroom with adjacent studio.  
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Membership at SOPA is open to artists throughout the Los
Angeles area, offering a number of benefits supporting artistic
development and the cultivation of a supportive community.  

Artists need not be studio residents in order to join.  See Artist
Collective Link for details.
SOPA in South Pasadena
SOPA Studios is a shared-use work studio accommodating a
small community of Resident Artists.  

SOPA was created to provide affordable work space for artists
and to build a supportive community among local artists
through membership, events and the availability of gallery space
as well as other resources.

Exhibition events, workshops and other happenings are
scheduled throughout the year
Affordable Workspace & Services for Artists
SOPA Studios
1025 Hope Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030
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How do we identify ourselves,
each other and the objects
around us?  Historically
portraiture is often defined as
a graphic and in-depth
description, especially of a
person.  For this exhibit, the
“portrait” is a detailed
exploration of a subject –
whether it be a face, an
animate or inanimate object –
with the goal of revealing an
underlying reality or
characteristic that the viewer
may or may not have